Production of confectionery products under your trademark.
AMTA confectionery has been manufacturing products for clients located in Russia, CIS countries and Asia since 1971.
Our experienced team will guide you through the project’s realisation, inform you about the different steps of production, and show you all the subtleties of the processes involved.

When tasked with the creation of a new brand for our clients, we take care of the entire process: sourcing ingredients, packaging design, and of course, prototyping.

By placing an order for custom production with our confectionery, you can be sure the outcome will meet the highest quality standards.
AMTA factory
Individual solutions
Custom product development from client requirements, including complete cycle of production.
Packaging design for future products, final approval with prototype included.
High-quality packaging
Possibility of using existing standards moulds, but also to make custom mould upon client request.
Moulding solutions
Readymade recipes form our vast experience, or new original recipes for a product tailored to client request, with complete quote.
Recipe elaboration
Special terms for raw materials purchase are available for custom productions.
Competitive terms for raw material purchase
Our clients can count on our expertise, and be insured that quality standards are met, at every step.
Established production operations
Our partners
Our production - under your trademark
Full development and production cycle of confectionery products for your brand. Full support and guidance at all stages, with technical consultation from specialists, raw material and packaging recommendations, and our expertise in product promotion.
Custom recipes solutions and production of confectionery products: brittle crunch, biscuits, pralines, caramel candies, chocolate glazed sweets, bars, and whipped candies. Made to our clients requirements, with different price ranges available. Large selection of dispensing options, flavours, and final packaging for finished productions.
Unique terms of purchase for raw materials, from industry leading suppliers, in both domestic and international markets.
Our production facilities are all equipped with modern machinery and equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. Stable and consistent quality of production.
ISO 9001 and 22000 international certificates.
Our assortment
Pine nuts brittle crunch
Peanuts brittle crunch
Coconut bars with glazing
Bars without glazing
Stuffed whipped candies with glazing
Caramel candies
Sales department
We will promptly answer questions about the purchase of products of a confectionery factory and production under your trademark.