"Amta” Production catalogue
All brittle crunch confections are produced with high-tech European machinery line of Böhnke & Luckau GmbH, from the best quality raw materials!

The production of our confectionery is regarded as one of the best on the market. Our “Pine nuts brittle crunch” was rewarded with a nomination in the “100 Golden Products of Russia” (domestic award).
Brittle crunch made with whole nuts, natural honey and Siberian wild berries
"Baikal bird" is another one of our product, that became legendary. It eventually became one of the main souvenirs to bring back from Buryatia.

Before your eyes, is a candy with a rich history.
We have been producing it for more than 30 years, and it is still in high demand among our partners and customers.

We maintained the revered Soviet recipe and its creamy taste we've known since our childhood. As per the tradition, the soufflé contains high-quality butter and whole condensed milk.
Whipped sweets in chocolate glaze
AMTA - is not just about the chocolate box itself. It’s also all the variety of taste and textures we’re creating, to brighten people’s life on a daily basis, and make happy moments.
Along with our award-winning established confections, we’re also constantly perfecting our production of new sweets, in the 140 to 1000 grams weight range.

In addition to the classic recipes, AMTA confectioners create new variations of flavours, experiment with fillings and shapes, so that everyone can find the perfect treat for tea or coffee.
Bars without glazing, caramel candies, praline, and coconut bars in chocolate glazing.

«Байкальская птичка» — жемчужина кондитерской фабрики АМТА, со временем ставшая одним из главных сувениров Бурятии.

Перед вами конфеты с историей, ведь они выпускаются нами уже более 30 лет и пользуются высоким спросом у покупателей.

В них мы сохранили советскую рецептуру и тот самый сливочный вкус, знакомый нам с детства. В составе суфле традиционно присутствуют качественное сливочное масло и цельное сгущенное молоко.

Вафли с кремовой начинкой