100+ employees --- 200+ names of confectionery --- 20 000 tons of products per year--- 100+ employees --- 200+ names of confectionery --- 20 000 tons of products per year--- 100+ employees
History of AMTA
AMTA Confectionary Factory traces its history back to 1971. The very year our factory was built in Eastern Siberia, in the city of Ulan-Ude.
Pine nuts Brittle Crunch and Baikal Bird became iconic sweet brands of the Republic of Buryatia.
To produce our confectionery we choose only natural, ecologically pure raw materials: real pine nuts, taiga berries, fresh aromatic honey, heavy cream, butter, cocoa powder.
Over its long history, our factory has created a rich assortment of chocolate and caramel candies, premium-class boxed products, as well as biscuits, cookies, waffles, marshmallows and marmalade. Our long term customers know and cherish most of our production, because our sweets filled many bright moments from their childhood. And their children, are now going through the same thing. It has become a beautiful legacy.
We carefully preserve the recipes of the past, and supplement them with modern solutions.
Since 2021 our factory has been equipped with a unique german high-tech solution : Böhnke Luckau, a world renowned machinery for production lines of soft brittle candies with nuts.

Within the framework of our modernisation program in the caramel-sweets workshop, mechanised production lines for pralines, fondant, jelly candies, assorted candies and caramel were installed.
All of AMTA's products meet sanitary and environmental safety standards.
In 2018, the confectionery factory "AMTA" was audited for conformity to international quality standards, and successfully received the certificate of international standard FSSC 22000.
Confectionery products from our "AMTA" brand are not only appreciated in Russia, but also abroad.
Our company supplies its products to the shelves of neighbouring countries, including Mongolia, China and Vietnam
"AMTA" annually makes strong appearances at Russian and international exhibitions, such as:
Today the confectionery factory "AMTA" is one of the largest and most famous enterprises in the confectionery sphere, in Eastern Siberia and the Far East region.