Baikal meteorite with buckthorn

Fresh Siberian buckthorn crushed with sugar, delicate peanut brittle, and chocolate glaze - that’s our “Baikal Meteorite” with buckthorn. The siberian wild berries in a tender peanut layer makes a rich sweet and sour addition to the milk chocolate.

Ingredients: peanut, confectionery coating (sugar, vegetable laurin fat, cocoa powder, powdered milk product, emulsifier - soybean lecithin, flavouring agents), invert liquid sugar (sugar, acidity regulators: lactic acid, sodium acid carbonate; flavouring agent «Honey»), sea-buckthorn berries strained with sugar (sea-buckthorn berries, sugar), milk fat replacer (modified refined deodorized seed oil: palm oil, rape seed oil, soybean oil, emulsifiers Е471, Е322 (soybean lecithin)), flavouring agent «Vanillin».
The product may contain dairy bypass, sesame, sunflower seeds traces.

170 гр.

Kcal in 100 g.

Lipids/Proteins/Carbonhydrates in 100 g.

Shelf life
9 months